Our Divisions

At Think Heuristics, we have four different divisions that focus on our key offerings and services.

Learning Centre

Our premise at Goldhill holds modular classes where students tap on effective heuristics techniques and develop confidence in taking on non-routine examination questions. We offer a hybrid learning model where students can attend physical classes or live-stream lessons.

Workshops & Webinars Division

  • For students – We offer school holiday programmes, intensive revision workshops and bridging workshops for students who feel they need the extra help.
  • For parents – Workshops and webinars where we introduce heuristics and problem-solving efficacy, and provide a preview of our curriculum.
  • For educators – Training sessions to impart heuristics to educators interested in applying for a license to teach our course content.

Publishing Division

Our guidebooks offer students application scenarios with easy-to-follow steps and illustration. These best-sellers also provide insight to parents who want to play a greater role in their children’s learning journey.

IT Division

Students, parents and educators can enjoy access to our online resources – anywhere, anytime. From live-streaming videos on Facebook to bubbly, creative videos online, our task is to ignite interest, motivate and sustain student momentum in learning.

With our robust IT platform, students, parents and educators can pose questions to the teachers via web conferencing, and even interact with other learners in-session. One-to-one sessions with the teacher are also an option.