We Engage Tomorrow’s Problem Solvers

From L – R: Sunny Tan, Linda Koh, Gene Gan

For founders Sunny, Linda and Gene, their drive and synergy come from knowing that students can excel if they are given the right tools. With the right tools comes confidence, and this does not happen overnight, it is a process. In that process, a student becomes more positive with a real determination to succeed. That they say, is the joy of teaching. And these tools that they teach will help students do well academically, and for life.

Sunny Tan, a maverick in the education industry, will lead parents who desire not only an understanding of the concept of Maths Heuristics, but to help improve their child’s grades. He is the principal coach with more than 10 years of teaching with the Ministry of Education. Sunny has taught thousands of students, and also educators and parents, who have used his strategies to their advantage. He is the author of five bestselling books on Maths Heuristics and has been covered by The Straits Times, The Business Times, TODAY, FM938LIVE, and a variety of parenting magazines.

Linda Law seeks to empower students and parents to enhance their problem-solving skills in Science with Heuristics. For more than a decade, she was a teacher and rose to Head of Department of Science with the Ministry of Education. Since 2010, she has made her mark in the private education sector, a noted specialist in coaching Science to primary school students. Through the years, she has helped many students to gain 2 or more grades from her teaching. Linda has also been successful in guiding students with learning needs. She is the author of two books on Science Answering Techniques.

Gene Gan is committed to helping students and parents gain confidence in the use of Maths Heuristics. His ability to break down complex sums into simple digestible forms has enabled his students to achieve distinction in the National exams. Gene, who rose from a trainee in the Ministry of Education to the rank of Head of Department of Mathematics, will share his expertise on how to tackle challenging Mathematics problems efficiently. Many students and educators have tapped on his experience in setting Mathematics exam papers, and he is a sought-after reviewer of Mathematics textbooks and guidebooks.