ABOUT Science Heuristics

Equipping Students with Answer-derivation Techniques

The Science syllabus used to be about learning concepts and applying them to scenarios familiar through repeated practice. These skills are still necessary, but not robust enough for tackling open-ended Science questions, especially those that present unfamiliar scenarios that the student has never encountered before. During exams, students are tested not just on scientific knowledge and concepts but also on how Science is applied in daily life.

Science is a means to use scientific concepts to logically explain an event, whether the event is a familiar scenario or not. And scientific heuristics guides that explanatory process.

The Singapore Ministry of Education’s definition
of Science mastery, and the skills involved

What is Scientific Heuristics?

According to Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE), a strong foundation in scientific knowledge and methodologies includes the development of reasoning and analytical skills, decision-making and problem-solving skills, and flexibility in responding to different contexts.

Scientific heuristics are logic-based techniques necessary for exercising all the afore-mentioned skills.