About Heuristics?

Developing the Creative, Confident Student

Heuristics is an invaluable life skill. It involves self-enquiry, self-learning and self-direction. And this is especially essential when it comes to fact-and-logic situations in subjects like Maths and Science. Professor Henry Armstrong (1848-1937) who coined the term “heuristic”, sought to establish it through schools and his training of teachers in Britain. This teaching strategy is regarded as logical, economical and speedy.

Students are not idle in class during a Heuristics lesson but active throughout the learning process. It is not rooted in routine which bores the exuberant child today. With Heuristics, students will look at complex problems undauntingly as they are confident in using different thinking techniques systematically and efficiently with a flexible mindset. They develop a curiosity knowing they can find the most appropriate solution to any given problem.